Highly powerful and tailored talks to various organisations

Anne and John are available to deliver highly powerful talks to various organisations and they tailor the contents of a presentation to the client’s needs.

John and Anne can be booked individually or together. The presentations are adapted to focus on your specific requirements.

Here are some examples of the subject matter that we cover:

  • Brainsex from bedroom to boardroom: a new key to harmonious, happy relationships
  • Brainsex at work; The brain gender guide to the workplace
  • The Art and Science of loving relationships
  • Why its so important to Talk About Sex
  • The neuroscience of brain plasticity: Change your mind – change your experience
  • Myths around sex and the body.
  • Removing the guilt and shame around sexuality.
  • SoulSex – What it is and why its good for you.
  • How to have fun in bed with Sense-Sational love making.
  • Why SoulSex is great for business.

These are organisations to whom we deliver talks:

  • Educational Establishments (from 13 years upwards)
  • Corporations
  • Government Departments
  • The Legal Profession
  • Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Health and Medical
  • Social Services
  • Addictions Clinics
  • Sporting and Social Organisations

Please contact us for an initial consultation so that your specific requirements can be accommodated.