See how some of our seminar and workshop attendees have responded to their training.

I want to tell you and Annie how much I enjoyed the all-day workshop which you ran. It was very interesting and gave me an entirely new slant on relationships. Your presentations were stimulating and you encouraged people to participate, which they most certainly did. Both of you gave excellent presentations and the day just flew! What came through very clearly for me was your philosophies of life, strongly focused on forgiveness. I can highly recommend your workshops and know that whoever attends will come away having a deeper understanding of their relationships and how they can improve them. Thank you John and Annie for an inspiring day!

Colin Katz B.Comm

– Managing Director, Herbal Remedies International


On 29th December 2014 I attended a one-day workshop on the Art and Science of Loving Relationships which was jointly presented by Dr Anne Moir and John Campbell. I was enriched by the experience. It was a delight. What became apparent was that Anne and John had achieved a high level of rapport which clearly illustrated the workshop material they presented. I got the impression that they are two people who practice what they preach. From early on in their relationship, clear and honest communication became a key aspect of their close bond. They described their relationship as conflict free, by making use of the tools that they teach, namely, taking responsibility for their issues, emotions and feelings, without resorting to the common coping strategies in relationships, namely, blaming and shaming. As the day progressed they highlighted that each of us can achieve the same level of awareness and functioning in our relationships by remaining positive, living in gratitude, being conscious moment-by-moment and making “love” the centre of our focus.

Through their skilled facilitation, they achieved a high level of openness and sharing amongst group members in a short space of time. Each of the participants was encouraged to express their own feelings, issues and traumas surrounding relationships, and John and Anne were able to respond with wisdom.

It was a wonderful reminder to be told that I am responsible for everything that is happening “on the inside” and that nothing “on the outside” can affect my inner peace and calm once I realize this, and choose to put it into practice.
I left the workshop feeling wiser, ready to practice these skills in my personal life, having been reminded of the presence of grace.

Zena Jacobson

– Clinical Psychologist


The atmosphere and facilitators were really lovely, thank you, thank you, thank you.



Thank you for the wonderful work you are doing. You truly ‘serve humanity’ providing a powerful living example of what love is really all about – and the way I suspected it was all along!



I have enjoyed the course and today has made me aware and created a desire to learn more. To dig a bit deeper. To let go of trying to control and please people.



Thank you for an insightful day. For sharing your journey and giving me hope.



A very worthwhile day and I am very pleased that I attended. The day has opened my mind & made me more aware of challenges in my life which I need to overcome. Wonderful day! Thank you very much!



You are both amazing individuals and as a couple. It has been an honour to meet and spend time with you. I loved the way you presented the seminar together. It is inspiring.



I appreciated the facilitation and level of honesty and care of John and Annie; two authentic and aware human beings. Wonderful role models. Thank you so, so much..



Thank you to John and Annie, Mark and all the beautiful people who shared. I am a dreamer – just imagine!


– Managing Director, Herbal Remedies International


John & Anne are the most amazing couple. They are loving, intuitive, knowledgeable and bring a combined experience that makes any workshop or training course they deliver fun and transformational. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Manj Weerasekera

– The Lotus Coach


I was a delight to have John join us at Sligo Rovers FC, I certainly enjoyed his company and continue to marvel at his teachings. So many players and staff have mentioned how much they enjoyed meeting John and having him around the Club. He has had a hugely positive effect on so many people here at Sligo Rovers FC.

If you don’t yet work with a mind coach I recommend you consider starting now and I can highly recommend John Campbell who has been an inspiration to me personally and to many others!

Gary Stevens

– Ex Spurs, Portsmouth, Brighton & England, UEFA Pro Licence Coach


I first came across John Campbell when I played professional football with Sligo Rovers FC, in the Republic of Ireland. We were introduced to John as a squad by Manager & Assistant at the time Ian Baraclough & Gary Stevens.

I found the work that John provided on a 1-1 was in particular a benefit to myself, he came in to the club at the time of our Champions League game with Molde & our FAI Cup Final game v Drogheda United at the Aviva stadium Dublin.

Some of the tools John provided mentally were just fantastic. And I found these very useful to myself especially going into such big games. I remember using some of the visualisation tools provided going into the two games. I remember John talking to me privately about scoring the winning goal in the Cup Final and how I would react/feel celebrating it. I visualised the game over and over again and the feelings were just surreal thinking what if I did score the winning goal, and we won the trophy. The week before the game itself at the Aviva I dreamt on 2 separate occasions about scoring the winning goal, I had conversations with John up to the day of the game and to this day still use the skills provided.
What happened in the Cup Final?….We won the game 3-2 I scored the winner exactly as John and I had visualised together.

(Please see RTE YouTube http://youtu.be/jrbVkP6d4m0)

The scoring went: 1-0 Drogheda, We made a substitute Danny North came on and scored with his first touch 1-1 in around 80th minute, then went 2-1 to Sligo. Danny North again in 85th minute. Drogheda equalised 2-2 in 92nd minute…and what happened next straight after kick off was something I’d dreamt about and visualised with John going into the game. 94th minute I scored a half volley on the turn into the top corner in front of the Sligo fans and celebrated as I had visualised it. It was just as though it had already happened and the emotions tears of joy was just something I’ll always remember..
Anyone wanting to use John to exercise their thoughts and mental state he’s someone I would most definitely recommend without hesitation. John has helped me in so many different ways mentally not only with football but in my private life also, John also sends out a free positive ‘Thought For The Day’ on emails and I find this very positive going into the day. To this day I still use John moving forward.

Anthony Elding

– Professional Footballer


John Campbell is an inspiration to everyone he meets. I have not come across anyone as gentle, yet so strong; he has a wonderful gift for putting people at ease. John is an exceptional speaker, motivator and mentor and his positive energy is infectious. Selfless and passionate about his work, he is a fantastic example of how conscious thinking can take you to new heights, regardless of what you may have done in your past. John’s work will bring so much to those fortunate enough to meet him on their path in life.

R Millard

– Director of Sport, Ardingly College and Coach of Independent Schools FA Under 15 team


John’s positive drive and understanding has given me invaluable insights into my relationships and also in my work as a professional footballer. Through his courage, knowledge and wisdom I have achieved so much. Thank you John; you’re a very special person.


– Professional Footballer


After my first session with John I felt that I was flying. The new insights and knowledge I gained lifted my spirits and deepened my understanding of how this teaching can be of great use to coaches and players at all levels. John’s teachings are so beyond anything I’ve experienced before – and so simple to understand. They will improve every area of my life.

Louis Carey

– UEFA Licensed Coach, Ex Bristol City FC


I am very fortunate, running an International organisation, in that I meet many people who are committed to helping others change for the better. Of those people, some have a real skill for inspiring others to change. Of those few, some in turn have a gift to actually affect a great deal of change in the world. John Campbell is one of these rare people.

Tim Laurence

– Founder of Hoffman Institute UK and author of “You Can Change Your Life” A future different from your past with The Hoffman Process published by Hodder and Stoughton


Simply put, working with John has changed my life. His warmth, wisdom, humor and abilities as a coach make for a coaching relationship that had the power to truly transform my life. John helped me to see my blind spots, unhelpful patterns and outdated beliefs with gentle kindness at the same time as always reminding me to celebrate my successes, however small. Even when John was challenging me to grow, I always felt that he was completely on my side, not doing the work for me but cheering me on from the side-lines. That support and encouragement allowed me to make changes that I don’t believe I otherwise would have made in such a short period of time. John is a true gift to be treasured.

Caroline Leon

– lifeislimitless.com


Visionary and passionate, John Campbell walks his eloquent talk. His inspirational voice will surely help lift education in all forms to the next evolutionary level.

Maurice Taylor and Seana McGee

– Psychotherapists and co-authors of “The New Couple” published by HarperCollins


John is one of those amazingly wise people. If you are fortunate enough to encounter him in your life you can consider yourself truly blessed. Unusually John is wise not because he has studied, although he has, and not because he has contemplated, although he does. John is wise mainly because he has done it; he has felt the pain and has grown as a result of the decisions he has made as a result of his experiences.

Neil Crofts

– Author of ‘Authentic’ How to make a living by being yourself’ and of ‘Authentic Business’ – How to start and run your Authentic Business published by Capstone


I have had the unique opportunity of working with John, both through the Hoffman Process and a workshop which we co-facilitated. John is one of those few special people that I have met in my lifetime that has that unquenchable desire to “Walk his Talk”, to live life authentically and to relentlessly ‘weed out his own garden’ so his brilliance can shine like a beacon to all those who come into contact with him. For those of you who have seen and heard John speak, you will have felt the warmth, the wisdom and the calming influence that his presence brings.

Martina Breen

– Gestalt Trainer, Athlone, Ireland