About Miracles Rock

John Campbell

Born in India to British parents, John has travelled extensively, visiting over 90 countries in his life and sailing the seas as captain of many vessels. John founded and ran a highly successful oil and shipping company until 1997. Having spent thirty-five years in the oil and gas industry, he experienced a deep inner calling to change the course of his life.

In 2001 ‘A Course in Miracles’ found its way into his life at exactly the perfect time and he began considering these extremely powerful teachings. John started an intensive period of studying the human mind, family systems theories and numerous psychological methodologies. He qualified as an NLP Practitioner and Hypnotherapist.

John is now an international and inspirational speaker who captivates audiences with his wisdom and humour around all matters regarding relationships, parenting, Law of Attraction and ‘A Course in Miracles’. He delivers thought provoking talks and seminars to groups all over the world. These teachings have a profoundly positive impact with couple, singles, business people, footballers and coaches.

John has been the subject of a number of radio and TV interviews and is particularly keen on assisting the world in general in the understanding of the power of the mind to create a better life and to enable people to live their dreams.

In addition to the power of the mind, John’s other great passion is for football. He is a former Director and Vice Chairman of Brighton & Hove Albion FC and has recently had great success introducing mind techniques and training to footballers and coaches in Ireland, South Africa and Thailand.

In 2009 John authored the hugely popular, easy to read book ‘The Secrets of Intimate Relationships’. He is now working with his wife, Dr Anne Moir, on co-authoring their latest book ‘SoulSex – The Art & Science of Sense-Sational Love Making’ along with an accompanied documentary.

Anne Campbell (formerly Dr Anne Moir) – D.Phil

Anne is an internationally recognised and widely published authority on the rapidly developing science of neuropsychology. Having attained her Doctorate from Oxford University for her genetic research, she went on to take an unexpected turn in terms of her career. Anne decided to engage in her passion for television documentaries and went on to forge a distinguished career with the BBC as a producer/director. She later formed her own film making company, Quality Time Television which won a BAFTA for their series on Death.

Anne is also the founder of BrainsexMatters and co-founder with John, of The Institute for Love and Sexual Fulfilment. Both are research based organisations focusing on improving people’s intimate relationships. She is an award-winning documentary producer / director / writer and is the author of three international best selling books.

In recent years, Anne is now focused on intimate relationships (www.wetalkaboutsex.com). Believing that an unsatisfactory or non-existent sex life is at the root of many of the partnership and family difficulties and even the world’s problems and conflicts. The effects of this can be visible from the bedroom to the boardroom and beyond. Anne is also a trained Psychotherapist with a Human Givens Diploma. The practical knowledge gained is employed into workshops and seminars as tools for putting theory into practice.

Anne is the author of three international best sellers:
Brain Sex: The real difference between men and women
A Mind to Crime
Why Men Don’t Iron

Anne is currently writing a new title, SoulSex: The Art and Science of Sense-Sational Love Making, with her husband, John Campbell.  Anne brings her extensive knowledge of neuropsychology to stimulate positive change in peoples personal and working lives.